Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Apple Device Jailbreaking Tutorial

Newsflash to all Ipod Touch users! A new jailbreak was released for the Apple Ipod Touch 3rd gen, Ipod Touch 2nd gen, and Ipod Touch 1st gen, the Apple Ipad, and the Iphone 2nd gen, Iphone 3g, Iphone 3gs, and the Iphone 4! Now there is a requirement for this jailbreak. You must have firmware 3.1.3 or higher. Now the first step is to type this url ( the apple device you wish to jailbreak. Due to the fact this jailbreak was just recently released the server might have trouble configuring the jailbreak. If this happens to you use the backup server's url( Ok! Once that is done your device should have a slide to jailbreak option. Now slide the bar and the jailbreak will commence. Once its finished your device will reboot. Congratulations! Your device is now jailbroken. Have a good time with your device.

Warning! We are not responsible for any issues you have with your device or it's software. Although this is a rare case if you do as instructed!

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